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Big Bang Feminist Bust

Posted: May 19, 2014 in Feminism, TV
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A zinger from Big Bang Theory. Image found on

A zinger from Big Bang Theory. Image found on

A coworker and I have had a back and forth of “you seriously need to watch [enter show here]!” She has wanted me to watch Big Bang Theory because I’m the office nerd who often takes things exceedingly literally. And I’ve wanted her to watch the YouTube channel Feminist Frequency because she has brought up a lot of really cool feminist observations that really make me think about things.

So we made a TV pact to watch the respective shows today. I watched the first (read: earliest) episode I could find on where some episodes of the show is streamed in full. That first episode was Workplace Proximity (Season 7, Ep. 5).

While I have seen the show a couple times in the past so I’m vaguely familiar with the characters enough to be entertained by their nerdly antics and copious references… this one episode was perhaps a horrible one to “start” on, particularly given the feminist/nerd context of the TV pact.