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Mission Debriefing: Prelude

I have been horribly slacking in my blogging activities of late. There’s work and getting sick and krav and all so many things to take up my time. Plus a lot of my at-home writing time has been taken up with writing about Wookiees. Because… well, Wookiees are awesome. But, if nothing else, the Christmas season—along with the almost obligatory hordes of internet whiners complaining about the “War on Christmas”—has reminded me that I’ve been shirking my “religious” mission.

As mentioned in my first “mission” post, I am slowly working on re-reading the bible. I am not simply reading it, however. I am taking many notes as I go. Mostly I’m focusing on what god does, and if it is good or bad. Also the devil, but hasn’t shown up yet. I’m keeping a running score.

I’ve been reading very slowly since anything that isn’t an article these days has a hard time keeping my attention. That said, I’m somewhere in Leviticus and have been reading a book of apocrypha in tandem. While I admit the apocryphal books are far more interesting and far less full of genocide than the books of the bible, they are not my focus. Gotta get back to that good old “good book.”

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