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Hello internet, this is the Admiral. Admiral Yrrek. No, it is not my real name, but you should have figured that out already. This is the internet and that’s my online name.

Anyway, at the behest of a friend and the desire to have a public soapbox where I can post and share my thoughts in long form other than by using Facebook Notes, I’ve decided to restart this old blog. I plan to write about things that interest me and I’ve wanted to write short (or not) essays or the like about. As the name of the blog might suggest, these things will likely fall into those categories of things you’re not supposed to bring up in polite company or, dare I say it, discussed with the family at holiday dinners. Politics, religion, sexual topics (i.e. sexual orientation topics, gay rights, the gender/sex difference, gender/sexual rights, etc.), culture, language, media, and so on. Who knows, I might even write movie reviews.

As a brief rundown of me, I am an atheist, asexual (though I will answer to “gay” for the sake of practicality and not confusing people), right-of-center/libertarian politically, and I like asking “why?” like a two-year-old. My educational and professional background is in journalism and philosophy, and I feel strongly about agriculture and science. I’m pro both, incidentally, since they seem to have sides these days.

That’s all for now. Expect more updates and streamlining as I get more into the blogging groove. My plan is to write about some religious stuff soon as I’ve been re-reading the bible lately and have been taking notes with the plan of writing an essay or something similar. Stay tuned.

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